The Truth…

This post is an exception to FF’s typical content. I promise we ain’t gonna get all “venty” all up in here. This is, shall we say, a personal update.
It’s obvious, I’ve had a writing block. Plus, I have been extra busy with real life, the life where getting good grades and enough food and sleep sometimes ranks over side projects. Nonetheless, that is not excuse for not posting. Fatal Femmes is an investment, a priority, a mind-set and a collaboration, so, if nothing else, I owe it to Nicole to stick with it and make sure I nurture my part of the “bargain.”
As far as the writer’s block goes, I think I have just been overwhelmed with media and critique lately. Currently, I am in five classes: two for academic analysis, one vocational, one for organizational management and one independent study for a documentary. Sure, I have balanced a lot on my plate in between classes for the past four semesters of college, but I have been aware lately that if I were to post anything on Fatal Femmes, it would not have been quality work since my mind would have been elsewhere. We cannot be all things to all people (or blogs), but we can sure as hell try, and since there’s no money in Fatal Femmes (yet!), it’s OK to re-prioritize, reflect and take a little hiatus. As long as my heart stays in for the long run, and as long as oppressive content and misrepresentations exist in media and Nicole is my collaborator, I will be a Fatal Femme!
Here’s to thoughts, freedoms and the never ending battle of time management!


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