Fatal Friday Cuatro


Earlier in the week, Nicole and I planned on having an art therapy session for this week’s Fatal Friday. Although she dug out a lot of art supplies, all neatly set up in her room, we never once touched a single bit of it. Instead our night was filled with catch-up conversations, LOTS of shared food and much love to go around. Although I think we were both a little disappointed that the painting never happened, it is so important to be in the moment and appreciate the beauty of that second in time. Overall, I’d say the evening was just perfect.

Here’s a quick run-down:

  • While still at work, we found a giant box and used it as a fort, a canvas and a cave. Nicole fell asleep inside and after we drew faces on it.
  • We danced to beautiful music, courtesy of the best band I have discovered in the past three days, Electric Guest. “Troubleman” gets your grove on, baby.
  • We went grocery shopping. And by that I mean that we spent a good 10 minutes in the gourmet cheese section smelling the blocks and another 10 minutes picking out ice cream flavors. In the end, a wedge of brie, a pound of grapes, two liters of seltzer, two tubs of ice cream, a bag of clementines, mushroom pasta, and four sleeves of crackers were purchased (and eaten with the help of a room-mate and two boyfriends. This was all chased with cheesecake and brownies and apples.)
  • We cuddled. This a standard, an art and one of the many ways Nicole and I communicate.
  • We now say the same things at the same time. Uh oh.
  • I Googled Suzy Sutton, the “funny feminist,” and found out that Fatal Femmes is the first thing that pops up.  :O
  • There was a violent multi-person foam sword fight had at 10:30p in the back streets of North Philadelphia accompanied by live accordion music. I still have foam-burns to prove it.
  • And last, but not least, I proposed to Nicole, for several reasons. She is amazing, beautiful and I just can’t describe how fantastic she is. I think our boyfriends are going to cater the event.

Perhaps next week we’ll actually paint, instead of just look at the material laid out on the floor. But, if we don’t, I’m sure we won’t get too bored…

It truly was a beautiful box…

And a truly beautiful man…


2 thoughts on “Fatal Friday Cuatro

  1. I absolutely love your and Nicoles spirit! I’m so happy for you guys! Invite me and my boyfriend to the wedding too! We’ll play some gladhappylove music! haha

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