My Self-Imposed Rules for Critique

I’ve been considering the process of media review, and I’d like to set some boundaries for myself. Having been in situations where my own work was critiqued, I know how it feels to subject your work to the not-so-tender gaze of other people. So, in an effort to be a better reviewer, I came up with this criteria:

1. I’m not analyzing media made before 1980. I’d like to keep the focus on contemporary work, and keep it relevant.

2. I’ll try to reference at least one other reviewers’ opinion of the work in my crit.

3. Going off of 2, I must put the work in context, either by comparing it to something else done by the same artist (s) or something else made at the same time.

4. At all costs, I must not fall into the fallacy of ad hominem abusive. Insulting men is not the purpose, as I see it, of what feminist critique is trying to accomplish.

If I neglect any of these, call me out on it!

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